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Runner Toronto Delivery - Alcohol delivery, food delivery, pizza delivery, gift delivery, flower delivery, and more




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Flat delivery anywhere in Toronto

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The Best Local Brands

From restaurants to retail to nonnas making the best sugo - we find and selectively curate best-in-class brand partners and deliver them to you.

These Toronto brands are best-in-class at what they do, and only deliver 5 star experiences.

What you won't find are big box, corporate giants or endless category options... We're not Uber. We support the best local business you may or may not have heard of, but HAVE to try.


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Choice is a tax. Opening most delivery apps gives you anxiety trying to figure out what you want from a sea of options. We change that. Find curated brands, in select categories, that are the best of the best. No guessing.

North of Brooklyn

Pinata Tacos


Auntie's Supply

Egg Club

As Seen In


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All your wine, beer, spirts needs in one place. Whether you’re looking for your go-to, or need that perfect table piece for your next dinner party, find it here on Runner.


Club Paris

Petey & Ronnie's Choice Liquor

Bottega Volo

1,180 Five Star App Store Reviews

By far the best delivery service I have ever used in Toronto.

I had an issue with my wine delivery. The team fixed it immediately no questions asked. Customer for life.

Using my points to get free delivery on these amazing businesses is a game changer.

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The best pizza delivered in Toronto

There are so many pizza options in Toronto. But only one is the best.


The top wines under $20 delivered in Toronto

The ultimate list of delectable wines from the LCBO wines under $20.


Same-day gift delivery Toronto

Finding the perfect gift is hard. We make it easy.


The perfect Tom Collins Recipe

5 minute prep, easy peasy lemon squeezy classic recipe.



Some perk boi

Some perk boi

Some perk boi

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Gifting is hard. We make it easy. From flowers to champagne, shop our curated selection of gifts perfect for any situation. Oh, and they’re delivered same-day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select your merchant partners?

We follow a simple protocol in selecting our brand partners.

Runner operates in the food, drinks, and gift categories.

We find the best partners by categories in the neighbourhoods we serve.

To us, the best means, our partners have rave reviews, they have an awesome brand, they have a great product, and they awesome product photography. As they say “you eat with your eyes first.”

Why do you only select certain parters in a category?

We believe choice is a tax. When you open other delivery apps you are overwhelmed with options. Most of which, we feel are garbage, and dominated by large corporations.

With Runner, you’ll find amazing local brands that are best-in-class in the categories they serve.

Do you want to choose from 7 pizza makers, or do you need the best pizza option? We think the latter.

Can I get Alcohol delivery in Toronto?

Yes! Absolutely, Runner alcohol delivery is completely legal, and super easy.

Simply log into your account to see the available vendors near you, and place your order.

Runner offers same-day, typically 45 minute delivery of Wine, Beer, Sprits and coolers.

Runner is a new age dial-a-bottle, making your alcohol shopping easier than it ever has been in the past.

Get LCBO delivery for your everyday alcohol needs, shop Petey & Ronnie's Liquor if you're looking for something later in night, or shop Club Paris if you're looking to find a new an unique wine.

Runner’s booze delivery is the best in Toronto!

Am I able to send a same-day gift delivery Toronto?

Yes! Send a gift today, and it will be delivered today. Gifting can be hard, but Runner makes it easy!

Shop our curated gifts in the gifting category or send anything you see on the Runner platform as a gift.

Runner has same-day gift delivery of Flowers, Champagne, Wine, even Doughnuts!

Try gifting out today, simply add a product to your cart and select “send as gift” on checkout.

Your recipient will be notified when you send them their gift, and you will receive a notification when it is delivered. Gifting has never been this easy!

What are Runner’s Hours of Operations?

Runner is open 7 days a week! Operating hours by vendor vary, simply navigate to their profile to see when they are open for delivery.

Where does Runner deliver to?

Runner delivers to Toronto and Etobicoke. We are expanding, so please drop us a line if you would like to see Runner in your neighbourhood! torontomerchnats @ getrunner.io

How much is Runner’s delivery fee?

Our delivery fee is $3.99!

What types of payment methods does Runner accept?

We take all major credit cards, debit Visa/Mastercards and Apple Pay. Runner does not accept cash.

When will my order arrive? 

Order time depends on the merchant you are shopping from. Once you make an order, you will be sent a live link that has your estimated time of arrival, and where your order is in the process :)

Does Runner have a rewards program?

Absolutely! You earn Reward Points for each order that you complete. It works much like a loyalty card at your local coffee shop. Every time you shop, your points add up. Once you reach 1000 Reward Points, they can be cashed in for money off of the delivery price.

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Recommend A Brand

Word on the street is that you know some stuff. We see you.

Do you have your ear to the ground, and know a business that should be available on Runner in Toronto?

We want to hear! Drop us a line and tell us who we should have on, and why you love them.

torontomerchants @ getrunner.io

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