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Runner, curated convenience delivery, is committed to bringing a wide range of healthy snacks quickly and efficiently to your doorstep! We have hand selected a range of popcorn to meet your healthy snacking needs! There’s no better feeling than sitting back and putting your feet up after a long day, with a beer and a bag of popcorn, flipping on a movie and switching off the world. Make any at home movie night feel like you’re at the theatre, but better yet, in the comfort of your own home! Grab a bag of our organic, buttered, salted popcorn and voila, a real movie night! Maybe you’re going to a backyard BBQ and you need some snacks to bring, we’ve got your back! There’s always a popcorn lover in every bunch. Not to mention you can pair your popcorn with some craft beer or cider from the LCBO! We can conveniently deliver both to you. We have carefully selected health conscious brands that believe in using non-GMO and organic ingredients but that never skimp on the taste like one of our favourites, G.H. Cretors. Whether it be late night munchies or just needing a healthy snack to munch on while binging your current favourite Netflix original,  Runner, curated convenience delivery will be at your doorstep with your order within 2 hours! You’ll never have to pause a show or movie to go to Shoppers Drug Mart or the convenience store ever again, that’s what we’re here for!

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