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Runner, curated convenience delivery, is committed to bringing a wide range of healthy snacks quickly and efficiently to your doorstep. Shop our selection of nuts and seeds for all your snacking needs. Nuts and seeds are nutritious and filling snacks for any time of the day. A 2013 Harvard study even found that people who ate nuts everyday lived longer and healthier lives than people who didn’t eat nuts! GO NUTS! Non-GMO pumpkin seeds, organic salted almonds, kicked up cashews in new, exciting flavours - we've got all of it. We have your favourite organic, health conscious, gluten-free brands including Handfuel, Prana and Skuta. Try them all! When hunger strikes, you don't have to run to Shoppers Drug Mart or the convenience store only to be disappointed by their selection of healthy snacks, we’ve got you! No matter what your dietary needs are - paleo, vegan, keto, organic, gluten-free, we've made sure there is the right snack just for you! Runner, curated convenience delivery will be at your doorstep with your order within 2 hours!

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