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Introducing our carefully curated selection of healthy potato chips! Salty, savoury, flavourful, zesty crisps of goodness. Who doesn’t love that satisfying crunch when you bite into your favourite kind of potato chips? We have carefully chosen a selection of chips by health conscious brands who care about where their ingredients are sourced. We believe in non-GMO, organic, tasty snacks that are healthy yet still most importantly, delicious! We have all your old favourite flavours such as sea salt and vinegar, backyard BBQ, dill pickle, tortilla chips and more. We also are happy to offer you fusion flavours so that you can find your NEW favourites, such as - maple bacon forever, mild green mojo, bacon habanero, the real sriracha, just to name a few. We have all the brands of chips you won’t find at Shoppers Drug Mart or your local convenience store, like Neal Brothers, Kettle Chips, and Late July. You never have to worry about going to the 7-11 or Circle K when your chip craving strikes, we’ll be at your doorstep with your delivery in under 2 hrs. Runner curated convenience delivery is here for you!  

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