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At Runner we are big believers in healthy snacking made easy and convenient. That doesn’t mean we don’t understand that we all need treats occasionally to satisfy our sweet tooth! We have carefully curated a selection of vegan, organic candy for these moments! After all candy is nostalgic, who doesn’t think of their childhood when thinking about candy!? It doesn’t have to be a thing of the past you need to pine over, Runner has you covered, bringing you candy that has real juice, no artificial flavours and no gelatin (yay vegans!). We have stocked gummy bears, gummy baby elephants and gummy aliens that are organic and gluten free! Lying back after a long day, netflixing and chilling with some sweet, healthy snacks has never been so guilt-free or easy!  We have your favourite health conscious, non GMO, organic brands all in one place, including Squish and YumEarth. Try all the delicious flavours and live the nostalgia of the past without worrying about going to the dentist. Made from real juice, snacking on these healthy snacks is pretty much the equivalent of taking your daily multivitamin! You won’t find these brands or this selection at any Shoppers Drug Mart, 7-11 or Circle K, and with Runner, you don’t have to! Runner curated convenience delivery is your mobile convenience store, bringing you all your healthy treats to your doorstep in under 2 hours!

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